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In 2023 the 1st international exhibition Ergo.tec / Construction Machinery

Closely following the developments in the Construction Machinery industry and due to this difficult period, at the request of several companies that import Construction Machinery and face problems and difficulties in importing their products on time, Technoekdotiki / T- Press postpones the exhibition Ergo.tec / Construction Machinery for the Spring of 2023.

With a strong sense of responsibility and for the best interest of the industry, we proceeded to this decision so that with our experience and know-how of more than 30 years, to guarantee a complete and dynamic exhibition for the sector, commensurate with its size and prestige.

Having organized successful specialized technical exhibitions we would not in any case want to create the slightest problem in a market that is connected with our history, as we serve it through our publications and exhibitions since 1991.

At the same time, taking into account the interest of other companies in participating in a new date in 2023, we strongly believe that our decision will give the maximum possible results to our exhibitors and visitors.

In the coming days, the exact date of the event for the Spring of 2023 will be announced, so that the 1st Ergo.tec / Construction Machinery will really be the first “giants” meeting!


Voula Mourta

Mananging Director