ERGO.TEC: 1st International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery,
27-29 May 2022

The construction site industry is back to work!


“Technoekdotiki / T-Press” once again paves the way for a specialized international trade fair for CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY.

First international trade fair “Ergo.tec”  has been rescheduled and will now take place between the 27th and 29th of May 2022, at MEC Exhibition Center in Paiania, Greece.

Given the concern over the next period and the remaining uncertainty due to the pandemic, the decision to reschedule the exhibition was necessary. This decision was taken at the request of the Construction Machinery industry, which after a difficult period, is now trying to regain its pace.

Following a rather complex period, the country is going through a phase of reconstruction, aiming at speeding up recovery. The time is just about right for the construction industry, one of Greece’s most dynamic sectors which can and will contribute to the recovery of the local economy.

Ergo.tec aims at promoting in the best possible way, cutting-edge construction technology, signaling a dynamic comeback after a long negative period.

Ergo.tec Forum

Along with the Trade Fair, Ergo.tec Forum, a three-day convention, aims at boosting the industry’s real potential while redefining its position in the new reality. The Forum is being prepared by the country’s most prestigious scientific and professional bodies. A wide range of subjects will be addressed via conferences and workshops.


Ergo.tec is open to all companies that deal with the following:

  • Construction machinery such as: Earthmoving, Lifting, Digging, Drilling, Transportation, Loading-Unloading, Road Construction, Tunnel Opening, Ports, Demolition, Concrete Production, Quarrying, Recycling, Cleaning, as well as Components, Spare Parts and Lubricants.
  • Construction Equipment such as: Molds, Scaffolding, Metal Constructions, Generators, Lathes, Buckets, Explosives, Insulation, Tools, Instruments, Uniforms, Software, as well as Control Security Systems, Security and Quality, Communication, Design, Earthquake Protection
  • Tecalso hosts: State Entities and Agencies, Embassies, Chambers of Commerce, Organisations, Professional and Educational Bodies, Trade Unions, Institutes, Banks, Insurance or Leasing Companies etc.

Ergo.Tecis addressed to:

Manufacturers, Representatives, Importers, Machinery Owners

Executives of Technical Companies

Contractors of Private and Public Works

PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships)

Construction Supervisors

Machinery Operators

Project Managers of Local Government Bodies

Mines and Quarries Managers

Civil Engineers, Architects, Surveyors etc.

Importers – Traders of Construction Site Equipment


Managing Director

Voula Mourta